Calvary Cemetery
Immaculate Conception Church

Pine City, Mn. 55063

Monuments, Markers, and Adornments.



Definition Made of granite, placed on a concrete base. The stone extends above the surface of the base or ground. The family name is usually engraved on the front side.

A.  Monuments currently in place may remain but must be maintained. Replacement shall be in accord with these regulations.

B.  All monuments shall be approved and placed in accord with the instructions and conditions of the Cemetery Sexton.

C.  The Cemetery Sexton is instructed that, so far as is practical, placement shall be made so as to allow and facilitate the use of mechanical mowing equipment.

D.  Monuments may only be placed in the “Old Section” of Calvary Cemetery unless prior approval by Pastor/Cemetery Board.

    1. Only one (1) monument shall be allowed for each two (2), three (3) or four (4) contiguous lots. The lots shall be in one (1) family ownership.
    1. Each monument shall be placed on a reinforced concrete foundation I base a minimum of four (4) inches thick. The base shall be flush with the ground. In the case of a sloping grade the base shall be flush with the ground at the highest elevation.  The base for the monument shall be a minimum of four (4) inches larger on all sides of the monument. A minimum of one (1) to a maximum of three (3) one and one quarter (1 1/4) inch holes shall be formed in the concrete border for the placement of adornment holders.
    1. The monument shall be installed within the dimensions of the lot/s in Calvary Cemetery.



Definition:   Made of granite with a concrete surround.   Placed in the ground with the stone's surface parallel with the ground surface.   A marker will usually have the name of the individual buried or to be buried in that lot.  A marker may have the family name engraved on it if it is being used for more than one (1) person.

A.  A maximum of one (1) marker per casket or cremated remains is allowed and every marker shall be placed as directed by the Cemetery Sexton.

B.  No marker nor any part thereof may be constructed of limestone, sandstone or any other material which will not assure relative permanency.

C.  Markers shall be set, at a minimum flush with the surface of the ground; and at a maximum three/fourths (3/4) of an inch above the surface of the ground.

D.  Markers shall not exceed the following dimensions: three (3) feet in length, one and one half (1.5) feet in width. Markers for two (2) people in the same lot shall be maximum of three feet eight inches (3' 8") in length and two (2) feet in width.   The length and width measurements shall include a minimum of a four (4) inch wide reinforced concrete border. A minimum of one (1), a maximum of three (3) one and one quarter (1 1/4) inch holes shall be formed in the concrete border for the placement of adornment holders.



A.  Each grave site is limited to one (1) plant l flower stand with a single support post with base plate. The base plate shall be solid and remain intact and be set flush with the adjacent grade. The stand shall be located in one of the holes provided in the base of concrete border. If there are no holes provided, than immediately adjacent to the base or between two (2) markers if the stand is for two (2) adjoining graves. Base plates are not required if the stand is inserted through a hole in the monument or marker. The bottom of the cradle that holds the pot of plants I flowers must be a minimum of twenty (20) inches above the grade below. This includes extra decorations that may be under the cradle.

Artificial flowers or pots that fall out of the stand cradle will be discarded. The Church or any of its employees, assumes no liability for damage to stands as a result of grave openings, routine maintenance or any other activities.


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