May & June 2024

May 12  ~  Kimberly Locher & Joe Locher

May 19  ~  Luke Mangan & Josephine Mangan

May 26  ~  Vincent Root & Tony Root

June 2  ~  Emily Bjorklund & Ryan Bjorklund

June 9  ~  Kimberly Locher & Joe Locher

June 16  ~  Luke Mangan & Josephine Mangan

June 23  ~  Emiy Bjorklund & Ryan Bjorklund

June 30  ~  Vincent Root & Tony Root


Please Note:  

  1. (S) = Shadow  - observing & learning.
  2. Please mark on your calendars the dates you are to serve.
  3. Plan to be in sacristy 10 minutes prior to Mass.
  4. Remember, you are responsible to get your replacement if you cannot make your day .
  5. If you need to update information or would like to be removed from the Servers’ List, please contact Lynette Forbes-Cardey at 629-3911 or

We only schedule for the Sunday, 10:00 AM Mass at Immaculate Conception.  But, we would love to have Altar Servers at all Weekend Masses.  If you are attending the Saturday 5:00 PM Mass at Immaculates Conception or Sunday 8:00 AM Mass at St. Joseph in Beroun, please stop by the Sacristy and volunteer to serve if needed.  This is an excellent way for Servers to gain experience and confidence quickly.

Thank you for your service at the Altar!   Msgr. Alek Suchan